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Just five simple steps

We take the anxiety and uncertainty out of the document authentication & legalization process. Getting started is easy – contact us for your free consultation!

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Step 1: Contact us

Contact one of our experts, either by phone or fill out our form and we will reach out to you.

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Step 2: We confirm the requirements for your request

We explain the process of getting your document authenticated & legalized for use in Canada and abroad.

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Step 3: We help you with the process of preparing your documents

We help you prepare your document for processing which may include translation, notarization, getting certified true copies and other embassy requirements. Our experience helps you through this confusing process and avoids any delays at the embassy.

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Step 4: Send your documents to us to begin the process

Once we receive your documents in person we personally bring them over to global affairs for authentication and to the relevant embassy or consulate in Ottawa. This saves you weeks of processing time.

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Step 5: Sit back relax, & let us handle business

We ensure your documents are properly handled and meet all your requirements and send them back to you as soon as we are finished.

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    Canadian Authentication & Legalizacion Service

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