DOCUMENT ATTESTATION You will need to get your Canadian documents attested if you plan on moving abroad for work or other such purposes. All international documents Canada including your educational certificates and birth certificate need to be attested. We offer documentation attestation Canada. Call xxx-xxx-xxx today and get a free consultation. WHAT IS DOCUMENT ATTESTATION? Document attestation involves scrutinizing a document to confirm its authenticity. The process includes corroborating all the information given on a document and then manifesting its authenticity with the stamp and sign of the verifying authority. It basically proves that the information given on the document is true. THE PROCESS Document preparation Document attestation can sound like a complex process but it’s not when you have us as your partner. We’ll prepare all your documents and get in touch with the embassy for further processing. Document authentication Your documents will be sent to Global Affairs Canada for your signature and the information on the documents to be authenticated. Call xxx-xxx-xxx to know more. Document legalization Once your documents have been authenticated, we’ll send them to the relevant embassy or consulate so they can be officially recognized. Since dealing with the embassy on your own can be a lot of trouble, we suggest you let us handle the matter. Frequently asked questions When will I need authentication of documents Canada? You may need document authentication Canada when you move abroad for work or study. You may also need to get the documents attested if you plan to visit a foreign country for any other purpose. What will I need for document attestation Canada? This depends on what you need to get attested. In most cases, you will only need to submit the original documents. What will I have to do? Canadian attestation process may sound complicated but it’s not when you work with a professional like us. Call us and ask us to attest Canadian document for you. We’ll complete the job in a few days, removing the need for you to worry about anything. What is the difference between Apostille, authenticating, attesting, and legalizing a document? Technically speaking, all the terms refer to the same concept – verifying documents. They’re known under different names in different countries. How long does authentication of documents Canada takes? It can take anywhere from 2-5 days. We also offer urgent services. Call xx-xxx-xxx to know more. Can I attest my own documents? No, you cannot. Only governing bodies can do it for you. What we offer We work with international documents Canada and have a skilled and experience team to cater to all your needs. Whether it’s a university document or a birth certificates, we offer all kinds of document attestation Canada services. Call xxx-xxx-xxx and we’ll attest Canadian document for you at affordable rates.